Welcome to the Vacuumlabs website. We are a partner of the Pohoda on the Ground festival and we’re responsible for keeping you safe with COVID-19 testing facilities. On this page you’ll find all the information you need to know, as a visitor, production or partner.

The central theme of our campaign is Safe Landing on the Ground. Together we can all land safely at Trenčín airport and ride the festival wave!

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Please register here!

Unless exempted, you must get tested before each festival day. Even if you do not need a test, you’ll still need to register to enter the festival.

Festival-goers can be tested on each festival day and you can chose your half-hour testing slot.

Special arrangements apply for partner productions, which can be found at the link.

Production and partners

How will we test

Enjoy the long-awaited first festival
safely and most importantly be in Pohoda!

You will need


Festival ticket
Official vaccination certificate (if you are vaccinated)

You can apply for it here: vakcinacia.nczisk.sk

Before testing one hour
Don’t eat
Don't drink (alcohol or soft drinks)
Don’t smoke

How the testing will be done

Every participant of Pohoda on the Ground must be registered!

Safe landing with friends.

Download the infographic in which you will find all the steps necessary for a smooth start of your festival experience.
Please also send it to friends you know will go to the festival with you.


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If you still haven’t found the answer to your question, please use our infoline +421 948 338 114 from 8AM to 8PM or inquire directly on site at the information kiosk.

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YES. It is required. Every unvaccinated festival-goer is required to take the antigen test when entering the grounds. This can be easily and safely done, thanks to Vacuumlabs and the rychlotest-covid. However it is not mandatory for those who have been vaccinated and people who have already caught COVID-19 in the last 180 days. We also add that testing is recommended for every visitor – even if you are vaccinated and overcome the disease, you can still be a carrier of the virus, thus putting at risk people who are not yet vaccinated.

Before the festival opens, all visitors must register at pohoda.vacuumlabs.com. This includes people who have been vaccinated twice, or already caught COVID-19. If visitors fail to register, they may be denied entry.

Your registration is crucial for the safety of the Pohoda on the Ground Festival, as organisers are obliged to keep a health status record of each of the participants as they enter the festival. Festivals must comply with the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Semaphore regulations.

Every single participant will be registered, but to avoid logistical problems, we ask you to register in advance at pohoda.vacuumlabs.com.

There will be two ways to register on-site – you can register yourself (following the instructions you will receive from the organiser) or one of our test team members at the helpdesk will help you with this.

Testing is compulsory also for children and young people in age range from 7 to 17 years, who have a Junior ticket. Testing is not compulsory for children younger than 7 years.

Our partner, Vacuumlabs, is preparing one test centre with four test locations for visitors to the Pohoda on the Ground festival, as well as a location for production and organisers.

YES – in fact, it’s highly recommended!  You can simply sign up for testing via this website. We encourage each of you to do so, to speed up the process of getting into the venue, and to avoid waiting around.

YES. Pohoda on the Ground is set up as five one-day festivals this year, so you must leave the grounds and exit as if you were leaving the last day of the festival. You’ll be able to re-enter once you have been tested at the mobile sampling point, provided proof of vaccination or recent illness.

Festival-goers will be tested with antigen tests, and if positive will be tested again with the gargle LAMP test.

No, there is a designated testing area at the entrance to the festival.

As it is unclear how many antibodies your body has made during your illness and whether you are carrying the virus again. This is why we recommend testing.

If you decide not to get tested, there is still a requirement to register for the event ahead.

We’re very happy that you have been vaccinated. However, even if you have been vaccinated, you can still carry the virus and infect other people who have not yet been vaccinated, so we recommend that you take the test.

If you decide not to get tested, there is still a requirement to register for the event ahead.

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Feel free to contact us at rezervacie@rychlotest-covid.sk

About Vacuumlabs

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About Rýchlotest-Covid

At the height of the pandemic, we created our own testing service, Rýchlotest-Covid, in collaboration with our medical partners. This was tested by our development teams and later by companies such as Pixel Federation, Kia, VUB and Dedoles who wanted to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. Today, we operate 13 mobile testing centres, in which we have conducted almost 400,000 tests.

Thanks to the deployment of our developers, the service has had high technological support from the beginning, focusing on a sophisticated pro-client approach, with easy test registration and fast delivery of results. In addition to antigen tests, interested parties can also choose between conventional PCR swabs or the more convenient saliva tests, all at the lowest prices on the market.